Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Board Vote Results

The new board is Mike Wood, George Patten, Jon Martz, Grace English, Rhonda Jean, Dave Scaccia, Bryan Botkin, Nader Whebe and Bryan Botkin.

We take over on Jan 1 and have already had one informal meeting and one official meeting. I believe we are planning on posting the meeting minutes for all to see. We still have an incomplete email distribution list/ Directory, but it is taking shape and looking better than it has ever looked. Our goal is to communicate to each and ever homeowner, so hopefully we can get accurate preferred email addresses from everyone. The homeowner list is posted on the website under the documents section (you must log in) so please review it and let us know if you want your info updated. If your neighbors info is missing, please let them know so they can contact us.

The board will post the officers after the meeting minutes are approved at the next meeting.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Deed Restrictions & By-Laws Now Online

These documents are now up on our website in pdf format. They are at our home page under the General Information Link. These are reference documents only. You can access the page directly by clicking here


Where is the Best Sledding Hill?

Hi Everyone - We have lived in the sub a little over 2 years and still have not found the "sweet" sledding spot. I figured with today's snow day I would see if anyone could share their favorite sledding spot. We usually go to Bloomer Park but there has to be a closer hill we can use. I was planning on heading into Bald My South along the shooting range off Kern and trying the second hill as you head toward the main loop but it has a bunch of trees. If anyone has recommendations please let me know.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wecome to the Century Oaks Homeowners Association Blog

Check out our new blog. We hope this will be a place of community for our subdivision. Visit our website

We hope this will become a place for community where we can post announcements, garage sales, good service provider testimonials, bunco, etc.