Monday, March 9, 2009

Mailboxes, Coyote's, and Lawn Care (what a combination)

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Mail Box Vandalism Update

Please be on the lookout. There have now been 3 mailbox doors ripped off their hinges in the neighborhood. They also have slits or gouges in them almost as if the vandal is using a small hatchet or the back of a claw hammer. These are being repaired currently with spare parts but is time consuming and unnecessary. There is discussion of notifying the police to make them aware of the situation.

Coyote Sighting Update

I have received a number of Coyote sighting notices recently. If you have a small dog (like we do) use extra care when you let them outside

Lawn Cutting

I wanted to throw this out as well. I am now receiving unsolicited quotes for lawn cutting for the season. Some of the bids are quite tempting. I received one from Blades for $27 per cut. I am currently paying $38 and wonder if anyone has used them before. I suspect many of you received the same quote that I did.

Bring on Spring!!!!!!



  1. I can't say that I've seen a coyote but we have at least one fox den that appears to live off of Basswood Ct and feed around Black Cherry pond. Same note applies about small pets.

  2. A few weeks ago, our neighbors (2nd house on left on Mountain Laurel) had left their garage doors open. My husband pulled up the driveway and saw 2 people hiding behind their bushes. He beeped the horn and they ran away. Several days later, a storm door off of their upper deck was lying flat on the deck, unbroken. They called OC Sheriff...they came out and said they couldn't really do anything. FYI for everyone to be alert.

  3. Can anyone recommend Master Care Lawnscape for fertilizer etc? They sent a flyer that states they have made special arrangements with our sub and have 10years experience.

    Also was with True Green before and reconsidering them so any info on them would be good.

    Was with NutriTurf for the past two years and am not happy.


  4. I am looking for a lawn care provider and had received a very competitive quote from Blades, as well. I did not see anyone reply as to having any experience with them and was wondering if you went with using their services. If anyone has another company that is good and also has competitive pricing, I would be interested. Any information you could provide would be helpful.


  5. We are using Blades now, signed up at the start of the year and so far so good

  6. We have been using Titan Lawn Care ($26 per cut) for 2 years now and have no complaints. It is owned by Brent 248-561-2171.