Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trusted Service Providers (Angies List Local)

We have been discussing trying to create a place to list local service providers we have had good experiences with. If you are receiving this post via email and have a good contractor / service provider you want to share with the sub please click here and comment on this post.

So we fired up our sprinklers today and looks like I need to replace a sprinkler head in the front. No big deal I have done them in the past but it's been a while. I dug it up and it appears to be a bit beyond my pay grade. Does anyone know someone that would come out reasonably to fix one sprinkler head? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



PS - Please us the comment feature on this post to post out service providers.


  1. I know commenting to my own post is lame but here is a reply I received that others may want to use as well.

    Hi Dave,
    We just replaced a bunch when we opened ours last week-we had a guy do ours though, he charged me 20 per head. You can give him a call if you want. Dale Sova-248 475 0195

  2. He told me $35 for rotating heads. I may use him.

    thanks Shirley

  3. I just spoke with Dale and it seems you need to have to have a few replaced to get to the $20 each price but his minimum fee to replace just 1 was reasonable and he was very prompt on the call back. He is coming out today at 12:30

  4. Dave - Summers Irrigation can do it (they took over for Elite when they went bankrupt) - they are expensive though, charged $15 for a fixed head and $30 to replace it (which they did in 10 minutes). They also charged I think $85 for startup for my 12 zone vs. Elite which used to charge $50 and did not warranty their winterization from last fall like Elite used to do.

    Summary - they can do it, but I will be shopping for someone else this fall.

  5. Hi there , just to let you know, my guy (Dale Sova) was I think 80 to open or close, 20 to replace the smaller heads, 35 for the bigger rotating heads, and 10 for repairing a head. Thx Darcie

    PS He came out today and was great. Thanks Mike for stopping over to help.

  6. Garage Floor Repair - We have an epoxy garage floor and the part of the floor that is exposed to the elements on the exterior of the garage has chipped and flaked. The whole floor doesn't need to be repaired just the outside sections. Has anyone had to have this done and have a good contractor they recommend?

    Thanks - Dave

  7. Backflow testing $50! Compare this to $80 to $120! His name is David Fulcher Master Plumber, his business is called Waterworks Solutions, LLC Phone # (248) 922-9361. Website:

    I got his number from Rhonda Jean and we used him for the HOA backflow test at the Toll entrance. He came early and did it quickly for the $50 quoted. I then used him when I had a small leak at my washer connection which could have burst open wide at any minute and the only way I could shut it off was at the main entire house master valve. He came the next day, again on time (no window of time given) and only charged me $20 for the quick well done job. I tried to give him $40 I was so happy, but he said he wants me as a long term customer, he was already in the area and it was a quick fix because I already moved the washer out of the way and cut the dry wall for access and I did the clean up. He is super nice and very professional. He says he only charges $50 for back flows because he still makes money and looks at it as an opportunity to build a customer base. I highly recommend you use him for your next plumbing need. His card says he does New Construction, Remodels, Backflow Testing, RPZ Installation, Sump Pumps and Water Heater Installation. He is in Clarkston

  8. Window Cleaning
    I must recommend EverClear if you need your windows cleaned. They did a fabulous job and only charged $145. Next lowest bid I received was Excellent Window Cleaning at $235. EverClear was recommended by friends of mine in Twin Lakes, Crossings and Oakhurst. Owner is Brandon and his number is 810-706-0545.

  9. That is WAY cheaper than we paid last time, thanks for the info!

  10. Concrete Steps to the Front Entrance Door - I am looking for a contractor to replace the front steps with wider steps and expand the walk way leading from the circular drive way. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good contractor who can do this job

  11. HHR Home Improvement is an excellent local contractor. We would highly recommend the quality and professionalism of their work. We have been very happy with the work they have done at our home. They are trustworthy, reliable and reasonably priced. Contact information is: 586-553-4663 or check out their website at

  12. We have an excellent recommendation for home improvement!!! HHR home improvement has done several home improvments projects at our home with great workmanship and quality. They are always tidy and prompt. They aslo do sprinkler winterization for $45 for up to 12 zones. Contact information is 586-553-4663 ask for Michael or

  13. Second the HHR recommendation. They blew my sprinklers out this past weekend, and Mike seems like an honest guy and was very thorough in his work.

    He will blow out a 12 zone for $40 with the $5 dollar off coupon on his website AND warranties his work, unlike my previous company Elite Irrigation.

    Anver Aftab

  14. Commercial Maintenance & Supply
    3777 Chestnut Court
    Oakland Township, MI 48363
    Office: 248-814-6684
    Fax: 248-814-6685
    Cell: 248-884-8889

    Residential Snow Removal

    We are your neighbors at 3777 Chestnut Court and own a property management company that includes snow removal. If you are interested in receiving a quote from us for your residential snow removal this year, please contact us at 248-814-6684 or 248-884-8889.

    Our prices range from $39- $55 per driveway. Sidewalk and entry services from $5-$8

  15. Hello

    Anyone interested in concrete repair? My sister-in-law has used MacDormott Concrete and Masonry Maintenance twice with great results.
    He will be repairing my concrete within the month. 586-757-7519

    If you have sand at the end of your driveway after storms, consider getting expansion
    joints sealed before your slabs crack. Best price, with warranty, Creative Concrete Solutions 586-201-3101. His price was 2900.00 vs 4650.00 from another bidder.


  16. Good comments that were posted:

    we used creative concrete solutions this summer as well
    they raised 9 slabs for $800


    We had a lot of sand running down from our driveway. So we had our driveway sealed and 4 slabs raised for $1750 this summer. Four year warranty. CLI - Concrete Leveling Inc. 866-538-3546

    Very prompt and professional service.


  17. I used Concrete Leveling Inc in August 2009 and paid $500 for 6 slabs.

    Dave Mallya