Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Womens Self Defense Seminar

This is a reminder of the Self defense Seminar for Women. People called me indicating they received a cancellation. Not true.

When : Thursday May 28th @7p.m. Location: 3701 Mountain laurel blvd

Please rsvp to

Protect Yourself!

The Total Self-Defense Seminar for Women

Personal Protection

Assault Prevention


How would you react to a physical assault?

Scream? Run? Submit? Fight Back?

90% of successful Self-Defense is being well-prepared for the situation.

The Growing Need for Self-Defense

Today’s society is increasingly unpredictable, with personal safety often left up to the individual. In many situations women are especially vulnerable, as predators seek to take advantage of ingrained behavior that can prevent women from protecting themselves in an assertive manner. The Total Self-Defense Seminar for Women teaches the situational awareness and protection strategies that form the foundation of dependable personal safety.

The Total Self-Defense Seminar for Women helps you:

  • Recognize dangerous situations

  • Have strategies ready for escape

  • Learn offensive techniques

  • Learn defensive techniques

  • Make safe and effective decisions

  • Build confidence and self-reliance

Learn When to Respond. And How to Respond.

Your Total Defense Seminar for Women answers the most common self-defense questions while providing physical instruction in personal protection techniques. Seminar topics include:

What are the most common situations?

How can I respond effectively with words?

How do I recognize an exit route?

How can I escape from this situation?

When is it OK to fight back?

How can I most effectively fight back?

What are the laws on self-defense?

What should I do after I’ve escaped or fought back?

Self-Defense is for Everyone.

The Total Self-Defense Seminar for Women practices simple, effective techniques to improve personal safety. These techniques can be used by anyone, of any age, size or fitness level. Take control of your personal safety today. Enroll today!

About the Instructors

David H. Swartz

  • 7th Degree Black Belt--Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do

  • Chief Instructor of the Karate Institute – Bloomfield Hills Branch

  • 40 years of martial arts experience

  • Crowd Control Specialist at The Palace, DTE, and Meadowbrook for 19 years

  • CEO of DHS Consulting LLC (Dissolving Hostile Situations)

  • Self-defense seminar speaker for 25 years

Daryl Palm

  • 5th Degree Black Belt

  • Self-Defense Specialist

  • 19 years of martial arts experience

Seminars Presented by

David H. Swartz

DHS Consulting LLC

Dissolving Hostile Situations

(248) 892-2016

$35… Participant

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